McDermott Middle East, Inc.
Ms. Sailaja Nair
Supply Chain Management

“The reason behind our association with Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC for such an extended period has been their unwavering integrity. We trust that if a product is endorsed by them then it more than satisfactorily meets all the necessary safety standards if not more. Human life is not expendable and this shows in even the most basic of interactions with them.”

“Every interaction with Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC has been courteous, professional and fruitful. We consider them more of a strategic partner than a vendor.”


Mr. K. Ratheesh

TechnoHub Trading LLC
Mr. Miguel Perez
Sales Manager For Safety Products

“Interacting with Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC has been immensely profitable to our organization as they always seem to have their finger on the pulse of the safety industry and we have benefited extensively from this.”


“I have to admit, one of the primary reasons we keep coming back to Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC is their highly competitive pricing. For orders each year that exceed the tens of thousands in quantity this is a significant cost reduction.”


Gulf Piping Co (IMCC Group)
Ms. Wilma A. Azul
Material Expeditor

Supplier Testimonials

R-Power Safety

Ms. Arrow Xia
Sales Manager

“Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC have above and beyond met the two key prerequisites we require from any organization we supply to – they work with integrity and they care for us and their customers alike. They are a professional company, especial with a highly efficient team, professional operation processes and a high reputation. It is really enjoyable and smooth for us to cooperate together.”

Polison Corporation

Ms. Dores Yang
Export Officer

“Our strategic partnership with Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC has grown incrementally over the past decade and we now comfortably supply them with numerous of our product lines.”

Topquali Industry Limited

Ms. Linda Dang
General Manager

“Partnering with Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC was an immensely sound decision as they know the various industries we cater to as if it was their own, and this is important to us as you require a knowledgeable partner to bridge the gap between the industry’s requirements and our products.”

Employee Testimonials


“I have been working in Al Bahri Hardware & Safety EQPT for the last 06 months as an IT Support engineer. It’s been a very good experience because I have got several opportunities to improve my IT skills. I am faced with exciting new challenges every day as they have four warehouses and have been connected together through network, and my management team provides me with the information and support to overcome any roadblocks. In my position, I have the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role. I can honestly say that Al Bahri Hardware & Safety EQPT has the nicest and most helpful employees I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Harees Muhammed

IT Support Engine

“Since a year I have been in Al Bahri, since day one I am getting knowledge of our and local products, good experience so far, I like my job.”

Abbas Kadvalwala

Sales Executive

“Good experience so far more to come, supportive staff and management.”

Kamruddin Madah

Sales Executive

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We are 30+ years veterans that care on a deeply personal level about human life and a worker’s well being.

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