Our Story


My name is Khozema Manager, and I am the Director/Co-Founder at Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC. I established Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC nearly three decades ago with my brother Fakhruddin in deep angst against the lack of awareness in work & personal safety, the dire compromises made in the name of profits, the lack of availability of the latest hardware products and the inefficient trading practices that resulted in higher costs to the consumer.


We were in deep angst against the compromises made in the name of profit

Thousands of workers and their families lose sleep over their safety at work, employers remain petrified of negligence lawsuits and somewhere a foreman is on a construction site with inadequate safety gear. This is a harsh reality. But one that I wasn’t willing to tolerate.

We are a team who emote deep grief when we read or hear about a safety related accident, because we understand the value of human life and know that it can be avoided.

The task was Herculean, I wanted to change a system, but I was realistic. I knew it would start by taking up the mantle of bringing quality driven products at a price that was lower than the made-for-profit-not-for-safety alternatives. With a family and team who shared my vision we were able to scour the market for OEMs that found profits in quality rather than compromise. We brought these products to the Middle East and in record time captured the market.


The next phase was to manufacture our own line of products. We had gathered the experience and expertise and had analyzed the shortcomings in existing products. This resulted in brands such as Manager’s, STEIF, PLUS, CHIC and PAWS leaving our belts that were very well received and recognized for their commitment to safety.


Our spectrum of brands, synonymous with safety assurance

Soon enough our reach went global covering South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe as well. I felt our mission was seeping through the minds of the decision makers.

But safety can only be guaranteed if a manufacturer & trader is willing to adapt with changing times & tides and innovate. This is why Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC aggressively invests in exploring unexplored business opportunities, in revisiting existing workflows in order to enhance them further, in respectfully reinventing old ideas and working towards innovating the next big one.

We were the first to convert the selling of rubber sheets from kilograms to an actual usable quantity in square meters. This resulted in a more accurate and cost effective way of purchasing. We pioneered the manufacture of yarn waste in the region and introduced cotton rags for a diverse set of applications. Furthermore, we were also the first organization to introduce maintenance services for fall arrest blocks in all our markets.

Through testimonials I learned that our goodwill wasn’t just product oriented, it was equal parts service oriented. Our teams consult each customer individually and take it as a personal responsibility to ensure an exceedingly pleasant customer experience. Our pre-assessment of the customer’s requirements, assistance with inventory management and installations, immediate response times and impeccable after sales services garnered us invaluable trust in government agencies, construction firms, oil & gas companies, marine and aviation sectors, major corporations and even SMEs.


So after almost three decades and collaborating on over a thousand projects, I say this with immense pride that my vision and mission has been realized. Now armed with future generations by my side I feel confident in the exponential growth of Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC and look forward to expanding our horizons in providing safety for all.

I thank you for sparing a few precious moments to understand what drives me and us and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Thank you.



Mr. Khozema Manager
Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC)

"Your Growth is our success"

Khozema Manager