Mr.Khozema Manager

Khozema always had a knack for product demonstration and sales. In his education years, in virtually every vacation, he would be found managing procurement/purchasing and sales for a diverse portfolio of companies.

In 1977, upon completing his education in India, Khozema migrated to the United Arab Emirates to join a hardware & building materials organization. Although hired for sales, on account of his multi-dimensional skill sets Khozema was used in purchasing, sales and accounting as well.

In the early 1980s he worked in an indenting position at an organization and shortly went on to start his own indenting business in collaboration with two friends. By 1987 the small indenting business expanded in to a full fledged hardware trading establishment.

Such stories usually proceed with “And that’s how Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC was formed”, but that wasn’t quite the case here. Taking undue advantage of Khozema’s trust and utilizing a loophole the two friends managed to have Khozema removed from the company’s deeds. Khozema left with zero assets, but with a reputable name in the industry.

His experience, skills and respected name in the hardware & safety equipment domain was motivation enough to start his own organization and in 1987 he did under the moniker of ‘Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Products’ which eventually upon collaborating with his brother was renamed to ‘Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC’.

Khozema and Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC are known in synergy for their commitment to bringing premium quality safety products at prices lower than the sub-standard alternatives to SMEs, multinational corporations, government agencies and even in the hands of the workers themselves. Doing so fulfills their purpose, that safety is not something that needs to be compromised on.

Khozema is a family man who enjoys playing cricket and billiards in his free time.