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ABHSE is an international organization that is profoundly sensitive to human safety and this manifests itself in the products manufactured by us and sourced from some of the leading brands in hardware and safety.

For us it’s simple - “best products + best price = best safety”. For three decades we have consistently delivered the highest quality of products at an aggressively competitive price so that there would be no reason to compromise on safety. Our comprehensive PPE stock holdings have a proven track record of protecting individuals from life threatening hazards ranging from projectiles, debris, harmful gases, pathogens, fire, radiation, chemical splashes, heat, cold and much more. It’s not hard to find our products in use at construction sites, factories, onboard heavy vessels, farms, fire stations, hospitals and even in various sports and recreational activities among many more.

Our logistical network covers the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, with a repertoire that includes consultation on inventory management, products supply, installation guidance, safety training and ancillary support services for SMEs and major corporations. Our convenient store layouts with easy-to-scan displays, knowledgeable sales & support staff and a user-friendly web store has garnered us a reputation of being the most trustworthy, dependable and accessible provider by industrial giants, government agencies, healthcare organizations and many more. As a team we exhibit no resistance to challenges or change and thrive in high volume, deadline driven situations.


A tale of 30 years, two men
and their conflict with a sinister sin.

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“The reason behind our association with Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC for such an extended period has been their unwavering integrity. We trust that if a product is endorsed by them then it more than satisfactorily meets all the necessary safety standards if not more. Human life is not expendable and this shows in even the most basic of interactions with them.”

Ms. Sailaja Nair

Supply Chain Management

McDermott Middle East, Inc.


“I have to admit, one of the primary reasons we keep coming back to Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC is their highly competitive pricing. For orders each year that exceed the tens of thousands in quantity this is a significant cost reduction.”

Ms. Wilma A. Azul

Material Expeditor

Gulf Piping Co (IMCC Group)


“Interacting with Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC has been immensely profitable to our organization as they always seem to have their finger on the pulse of the safety industry and we have benefited extensively from this.”

Mr. Miguel Perez

Sales Manager for Safety Products

TechnoHub Trading LLC



  1. Distraught at the lack of awareness in personal & work safety, inflated pricing models due to inefficient trading practices and a severe lack of availability of the latest hardware products, two brothers ventured to change all this and started Bahri Trading.

  2. The team and its product range expands. There were now 6 full time employees of the re-branded ‘Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC’, stocking a full range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  3. ABHSE are the first in the region to introduce cotton rags with their own sorting and packing units, at their first warehouse in the pleasant locale of Al Aweer. In a span of a year their team doubles to 12.

  4. ABHSE are the first in the region to manufacture yarn waste. The team grows to 15 full time employees.

  5. A positive reception to ABHSE’s commitment to safety and high quality products at a lower than market price created an overwhelming buzz and demand. This required rapid expansion and hence a third branch was opened in the industrial area of Al Quoz with a fourth warehouse rented in Al Qouz itself. Seven more highly experienced personnel were brought on totaling the number of employees to 22.

  6. With two new facilities established just a year prior (four in total) the demand was still proportionally higher than the square feet they had, especially with the launch of a chain of their own brands such as Manager’s, STEIF, PLUS, CHIC and PAWS. A fifth warehousing facility was more of a necessity than a desire.

  7. Fast forward a little short of a decade later and operations are in full swing, globally, with offerings from ABHSE increasing exponentially and the need for centralizing the day to operations a necessity. This challenge was tackled head on by developing a colossal 10,000 sq. meter. plot in the plush Dubai Investments Park.

  8. Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC is ISO 9001:2008 certified, a prestigious accomplishment and a recognition of the commitment to safety everyone at Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC has vehemently worked towards.